Local Talent

I’ve been working with Solent Writers Circle on writing inspired by the Artists’ Rifles Exhibition at Gosport Gallery. They are an extremely talented and committed writers group that meet up once a month and run regular competitions. Their oldest member has been attending for nearly thirty years! I was struck by how friendly and warm their welcome to me was as well as the quality of the writing they produced. Here’s an example –

WW1 Wraith

by Morag Kelly

Soldier of the HLI

Face of drawn angles and sunken cheeks

Eyes staring glassily

Fleck of spittle on dry lips opening in a scream

Brown, ripped, wet, muddy tunic

With shabby leather straps.


Died of wounds at home


Entreating hands, posed and gliding at me

Just asking for what?

Feather wet touch strokes along my arm,

A gust of foggy, sulphurous breath

Around my neck


Such a sonorous, rich, so very Scottish voice wails

“Ah’m wearying for you all..”


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